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    Setting for Scratch Disks: Media Cache keeps changing

    Oy vey

      I recently installed PrE 10 on a new WIn 7 SP1 64 bit system (with i7 CPU, 1.5 TB HDD, 12 GB ram) after many years of using PrE 2 on my WIn XP machine.


      As I have done with the previous version of PrE, I set all of the ScratchDisk settings to use the same directory as any given project. 


      My problem is that the setting for Media Cache keeps changing (by itself) from "same as project" to "Custom".  This is very frustrating.


      In getting things set up and capturing some DV camcorder video (via a D8 (Sony) digital VCR) using a firewire connection, I re-arranged file/directory names and locations a few times.  I believe that some of the problem may be caused by the 'Organizer' remembering previous file names --even though I have deleted everything (data files) and re-captured the clips; but I cannot find where 'Organizer' may be keeping that info.


      Question 1) is there a way to prevent ScratchDisk settings from randomly changing?


      Question 2) is there a way to turn-off/disable the 'Organizer'?


      Question 3) is there a way to disable the 'auto analizer', since it sometimes leaves orphaned process active after PrE is shutdown?


      Any help would be appreciated.