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    Encore hangs, won't transcode

    4&E Newcomer

      I've used Premiere and Encore CS4 for several years and have had no trouble with Encore till now. Upon clicking Build, the program hangs. It won't transcode or proceed even though it did so just fine for years.

      Any ideas? (I'm using a Mac Pro)

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          Stan Jones Ninja

          DVD or Bluray? Have you tried building to folder rather than disk?


          Create a new DVD project, simple menu only.will that build?

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            4&E Newcomer

            DVD, no menus.


            I haven't heard of building to folder . I'm sure I could learn how readily enough but even if that worked, that would leave open the question of why the reg'lr Build to DVD process wasn't working. Building to folder may be a valuable workaround till the larger problem is solved, so thanks for the tip.

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              Stan Jones Ninja

              Yes, just trying to determine, in part, whether there is something about the current project/video file, or about your whole installation.


              In the build tab, just change the output from disk to folder.

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                4&E Newcomer

                I performed Build to Folder and the transcoding seemed to go properly, however I haven't found out how to get to burning a DVD from there. I don't know where folder is either.


                Meanwhile the normal method of Build to DVD continues to crash the program every time.

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                  Stan Jones Ninja

                  The workaround is to find that folder (look in the build panel; you set the directory for its location, and it is still there) and burn using toast or similar.


                  The fact that Encore used to work and doesn't now points to such things as a) a drive problem (which you will troubleshoot by burning the folder with something else/testing the drive etc), b) some new software/hardware that is interferring with Encore's use of the drive, or c) an operating system or other unrelated update is causing a problem.


                  This link might be helpful:


                  Troubleshoot system errors and freezes | Adobe software on Mac OS 10.x


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                    4&E Newcomer

                    I'm able to play the program, thanks to you, but it won't play in a conventional DVD player. The only way I could get it to play was from my Mac Pro by clicking on a file named VIDEO_TS.IFO.  I also tried the method of using Mac DIsk Utility to make a disk image and burning that with the same result.


                    So I appreciate the major progress, but it still would be nice to get a DVD that would play in a regular player and also to get Encore working again. Another respondent said to re-install Premiere but I've seen some bad scare stories about that on the net, where the user couldn't get Premiere to install at all. Any comments on the wisdom of trying to reinstall and, if there is some, how to do it safely so that I don't lose my editing capacity?

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                      Stan Jones Ninja

                      Are you saying that a disk burned from the folder will or will not play on a regular dvd player? (It should.)


                      I don't know macs. On pcs, many users routinely reinstall, with or without an operating system reinstall.


                      I would do the "create new user" and run to see if that fixes it first.


                      Many of us on PCs never use Encore to burn disks; we love imgburn, but only available for PC. I don't recall what the comparable mac app is.