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    Incompatible renderer Multiprocessing disabled AE6

    50 Hungry Lions



      I am using Windows 7 pro, 12 gigs ram, i7 920 (quad core) oc'd to 3.6 and a gtx 480(I know its not supported)


      I recently upgraded to Production Premium CS6 and I have a question about the "Incompatible renderer, Multiprocessing Disabled" message shown in the info panel at times.


      So heres the story, trying to make it short;


      I know that I have a 480gtx and the card is not supported for GPU accelerated etc.  I did an edit to the file to allow my card to be used.  In the Preferences/preview/gpu info, it is showing my card and alowing the GPU to be used for rendering. And even tho I am getting that error in the info panel, it seems to load into the ram relatively fast.


      The project I am ram previewing when the error comes up is just a simple text layer with some 3d extrusion with some lights.  It also has a layer with Particular 2.1 on it, and includes the particle, which is the 3D extruded text in a pre-comp. So the pre comp is extruded 3d text and this becomes the particles.


      I am not looking to trouble shoot why it is giving the error to fix it, as I believe it has something to do with me using the ray tracing engine along with particular. I am posting this info to find out if this is really the case or if it is the issue of my card being unsupported and being incompatible.


      I was hoping someone on here might have particular 2.1 and could try it with a supported card and see if they recieve the same error in the info panel.


      I know also that the 3D ray trace can not render certain things, so this is really just me asking for someone to see if they are getting the same issue with a supported card.


      Thanks for your help.