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    adobe creative suit cs6 crashing pc

    Dolce Gucci

      i have a windows 7 64 bit pc, with 835 gig of free space, 4gb ram.

      before i bought creative suit, i got the photoshop trial, which crashed my pc, while i was using it.

      after buying creative suit, it has crashed again while using photoshop and after effects.

      im running photoshop on my nvidea card, the open gl option is grey and not available. I've spent an hour trying to

      repair my PC. I think it's maybe a ram issue, Photoshop is using about 2gb ram exactly, after fixing that,

      i turned on after effects, then the pc completely freezes. after shuttign down the pc by pressing off button, i have to spent an hour on the pc "startup repair" option till i get it to turn on. What do i do?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          And what processor exactly? What graphics card? I get the impression you have a conflict with your onboard (intel?) graphics vs. you NVidia card or you may generally be missing a motherboard driver as they may be required for coreXI processors' power management or things like your USB and SATA controllers. The issues sound too severe to be attributed to Adobe software only. check your device manager. I'm quite certain that several of your devices only run with Windows' default drivers in compatibility mode and some devices may even be flagged as missing drivers...



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            Dolce Gucci Level 1

            6.00 GB Ram 64bit operating system, AMD Athlon(tm) II x4 630 Processor 2.80 GHz


            after further research i found that having wacom isntalled might cause the probelm. I don't use the pen tablet but, i just uninstalled the driver.

            i also uninstalled creative suit, and will reinstall some of the programs. they say wacom and adobe aren't compatible.

            Any further answers to my problem will be highly appreciated.

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              Dolce Gucci Level 1

              could you elaborate more on the drivers part, i'm not that familiar with drivers and how to configure them

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                justanidea Level 1

                Set Nvidia display card as default display card for your computer (you can make these changes from your BIOS settings)

                Update your display card driver and your system drivers