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    CS5.5 Subscription to CS6

    Drymetal Level 2

      This is probably an inane question.  I can't find anything though in these forums or on Adobe's website.


      I have a Master Suite Subscription for CS5.5 and I've had it for like a year and a half. 


      When I signed up for it - the thing that appealed to me was I could enjoy upgrades for free so long as I was a current subscriber.


      So does this mean I can upgrade to CS6 for free and just keep paying monthly like I am now?


      The thing that confuses me is that under my Products page on adobe.com - it shows Master Suite CS5.5 as a product now.  There is absolutely nothing under subscriptions.


      Does this mean I actually own CS5.5 now and won't be charged for it monthly anymore?  And have to create a new subscription for CS6 or purchase an upgrade? 


      Any help would be great because if I blow $525 on upgrading and find out it was for nothing - that would SUCK



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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          looking to these websites





          I found this:

          Notes on upgrading

          Upgrade pricing is available only for products and versions listed above. Not sure which product you own? View your product registration page, or register a product installed on your desktop, through your Adobe account.

          Volume licensing upgrades

          For volume licensing upgrades, contact Adobe or an authorized Adobe Licensing Center. For more information, see the Creative
          Suite 6 FAQ.


          Particularly well I found that Adobe now also offers the chat. Here the link:




          Another "help-line" you will find here: http://helpx.adobe.com/contact/.



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            Drymetal Level 2

            Never mind, I was searching my email and I had an email from Adobe dated April 23.  It was in my spam folder though - which is why I never read it.  It states:


            Important changes to your Adobe® Creative Suite® subscription

            Dear Adobe Creative Suite subscriber:

            As announced, Adobe Creative Suite 6 software will be available soon. Your current one-year subscription will automatically be converted to a one-year Adobe Creative Cloud membership, at a lower overall price, when Creative Suite 6 becomes commercially available. This means you will continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to all of your existing software — and much more.

            The special introductory rate for Adobe Creative Cloud membership is US$29.99/month* for the one-year plan.No action is required on your part. Your credit card billing will automatically be adjusted at your next renewal date.

            Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the freedom to design anything you can imagine. Download and install any of the new Adobe Creative Suite 6 desktop apps you want, including blazingly fast new versions of Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and InDesign®. Use cloud storage and device syncing to reliably access your work and collaborate anywhere — on desktops, laptops, and even on tablets with new Adobe Touch Apps, including Photoshop Touch. Build unique websites without writing code in Adobe Muse, and deliver them with Adobe's web hosting. Best of all, your affordable monthly membership always keeps you up to date, with access to the latest upgrades and features as soon as they're released.



            So it appears my subscription will be going down in price and I will be able to upgrade at no additional charge.  That's sweet.  That beats spending $500 bucks.

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              hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Our motto, which is a well-known German saying: "caution is the mother of wisdom' obviously not always true in spam.

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                Drymetal Level 2

                Yeah, how often do you get good news in your spam folder?  It goes to show that wading through thousands of viagra ads can be worthwhile.

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                  hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I am in the fortunate position of being able to create my own custom e-mail filters. So viagra,health insurance, cell phone charges, etc. are definitely over. But "wading" sounds very funny in my German ears! Maybe I ought to do it too.

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                    Hi Drymetal - I just came across your thread and as I am having the same questions I thought I might doublecheck with you if you still have access to your Master Suite. Or did you already update to CS6?

                    I'd like to continue to use my Design Premium for a little while before upgrading to CS6 but no one from Adobe is able to tell me if my access to that (now called) product is still on. They charged me this week but still for the old and larger amount.


                    Cheers from Sydney

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                      Drymetal Level 2

                      Hey Barangaroo (A very Australian name if I ever heard one....at least according to my limited pint-sized American brain...)




                      Yes, I found the solution.  Though to be honest, I was dismayed how little information there was on Adobe's website.


                      Go here:



                      Login at the bottom and see if you can get the special introductory price.  Then go through the process of getting it.  I don't think it charges you then and there.  I think it happens when your next payment is due.

                      You will need to download all the programs all over again and install them.  The CS5.5 suite won't update.  (As far as I could tell.)


                      Just so you know - the Creative Cloud is the same programs (plus some) that my Master Suite subscription had.  And the price is terrific compared to what I had before.  ($129/month for a year and then $49/month until I updated.  Now it is $29 though they seem to be billing me $21...)


                      Some of the programs I didn't have before are Muse and Adobe Edge.  These are nifty. 


                      THough I will say that there are some changes that are a bit jarring at first.  Photoshop (at least for me) is different.  Like using the Polygon Select Tool focuses on my mouse icon and not the polygon icon.  That might be changeable in settings though.  I haven't looked yet.   But, the new dark interface I like better to some degree.


                      Anyway, I hope that helps.  If you need more help - let me know and I'll tell you what to do.  Thanks!

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                        astridw33540930 Level 1

                        Hi Drymetal


                        Yes, it's very Australian (although I'm a German)   Barangaroo was a very fierce Aborignal lady 230 years ago ..


                        Thanks for your answer, I've figured that out as well last night. Here in Australia - I don't know if it's the same in the US - the subscribers have been automatically given a cloud membership.


                        The thing is that I don't want to upgrade immediately to CS6, but keep 5.5 for a couple of weeks until I've bought a new Mac with the newest OS.


                        I understood from that email from Adobe:


                        "Since you are on a suite subscription plan with Adobe, we are excited to offer you access to the Creative Cloud when it becomes available in 2012. If your subscription remains active, you will automatically receive an Adobe Creative Cloud membership at no additional cost - which means that you will continue to have access to all of the Creative Suite tools you are subscribing to today, and you'll also get all of the other benefits included with Creative Cloud membership at no additional cost."


                        that I will still have access to 5.5 even with being a cloud member now. Without downloading anything again. And on my current computer with it's OS. My account shows the Design Premium as a current product on a renewal base. I've registered it yesterday by going through the link you mentioned above.


                        I just hate it that Adobe sends such confusing emails - telling me first what I've copied here and then later emails to tell me that my subscription runs out on the 15th of June. Customer Support couldn't help at all.





                        Cheers and thanks again for your answer!

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                          Drymetal Level 2

                          That is strange my German, Australian friend




                          I wonder if it is charging you for the old price because you haven't uninstalled it?  Maybe their billing thing checks the active software on your computer and bills you accordingly?


                          I'm not sure which version of IOS you have, but I will tell you that CS6 runs a lot slower than CS5.5 did.  So - that may be appropiate.  Though I really think CS6 will run slower regardless.  I imagine it is the sort of thing that will be optimized with future updates. 


                          And yeah I know what you mean about it being confusing.  Either that - or you and I are the only two people on Earth who found it confusing and everyone else is laughing at us.  But, to me, it seemed like they didn't make it clear at all what a person was to do.  I originally thought I was going to have to pay $29 on top of the $49 I was paying.  Oh well.  This is why people drink I hear. 


                          Take care.  Thanks!