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    Preprocessor Support

      Will the Apache module for Flex support triggering a preprocessor first?
      Currently I run an XSLT over my mxml app to apply per customer/user configuration - this allows us to develop the modified solution for a customer using AS/MXML without messing about with config files which tend to be declaritive and not nearly as useful as straight MXML.

      We currently use ruby to run mxmlc on the fly (after preprocessing) which works well enough, I just thought it would be better to use the apache module if it becomes the convention for on the fly compiles.
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          Ivascu Cristian

          We do not recommend using the Compiler modules for Apache/IIS for production purposes. It should only be used in a development environment. For a development environment it should provide some benefits, like incremental compilation and cache.

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            Squee-D Level 1
            I had assumed this advice was for the Beta. This means you never intend for the module to be suited for production?

            Do you have any reservations about someone using mxmlc for production environments (with a strong cache mechanism that only recompiles when tthe trunk SVN revision of the app has changed) ?