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    Strange issue with insert procedure

    mammachiatta Level 1

      I'm using Flash Builder 4.5 on different machines, running the same OS. It's since awhile that I've got a strange issue with the "insert new row" procedure.


      I'll try to be much more focused on the problem.


      Starting new project, getting generated by the Fb each PHP method to operate on a database, I'm not able to use the insert procedure of a new row.


      I'm getting mad because the same doesn't happen on every PC I use.

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          your request is not quite clear, but there is an issue with insert, delete and update procedures generated by the FB, that somehow the request doesn't take effect, and passe unnoticeable with the NetworkMonitor.

          To solve this, there are two scenarios:


               1/ you should commit the changes after invoking the procedure, like the following for Loginservice as example:

                         saveLoginResult.token = loginService.createLogin(login2);


               2/ the other solution, is to change the name of the operation on the php class, and then refresh your LoginService from the FB. for example:


          on my LoginService.php, I change the name of the procedure:

              public function createLogin($item)


               public function makeLogin($item)


          Then you can use  loginService.makeLogin(login2); directly without any further commit