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    Cannot get form items with this.resolveNode() in a form rendered as HTML

    Flash Doc

      I refer to the thread http://forums.adobe.com/thread/906775?tstart=270 with a similary problem with a form which rendered as HTML page.


      I have built a dynamic form with Designer. The form contains a group with three radio buttons. Each radio button is assigned to a subform container. The first radio button is preselected and the assigned subform is visible. A click to a radio button makes the assigned subform visible and hides the others.


      In the PDF preview in works fine.


      But when I render the form as HTML page and click into a radio button, I get a "javascript error: 'this.resolveNode('formName') is null or not an Object...". The cause of this error message is known. The script cannot find the subform container named "formName" because it is a DIV-container named like "formName_init_[0]" in the HTML page.


      My questions are: What should I do to refer the correct container names?

      Is it possible to create such dynamic forms with Designer and render them as HTML form pages?


      Thanks to all for an answer.


      Greets from Flash Doc