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    how to transport  website to cq5

    Amitdstar Level 1



      Can anybody help me how can i transport my website having 1000 pages that is built in another technology to cq5. or  do i need to start form scratch. i tried with site importer but that also could not help much

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          MatheusOliveira Level 1



             You have the site importer, with will be my last choice, and you get this one guide: http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/howto/website_quick.html

          but, if this one will be your work/professional/production site, I strong recomend to do a new project, to create the site from scratch. You will already have the html's, css's, javascripts and this kind of code, so, there's will not be so much work/time spent.


          Good luck.

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            Amitdstar Level 1

            Hi matheus ,


            i am worry if my website has 25000 pages then it would be very difficult for anyone to start from stracth.

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              hypnotec Adobe Employee

              such projects, where the content is not manually re-created in CQ, usually resort to coding a custom importer. we'd have to know more about the other system to advise on details. generally you'd code a OSGi component that connects to the other system (e.g. to its database, or its XML export, ...) and creates CQ pages and paragraphs from it, depending on a mapping configuration (map template of other system to CQ template, map content of other system to CQ components [paragraphs]).

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                kasq Level 3

                there is no a magic way to import a thousands of page between some kind of CMS and CQ I think that it is not possible at this moment to use some standard tool.


                The only way, like it was suggested by hypnotec is to create some custom migration tool for connecting to content resource, migrating content data, creating xml structure readable by CQ and then installing it in the CQ.


                My team during last 4 months prepare this kind of tool, which connect and ready content, stored as a xml file in the NAS and then transform those xml files to the xml file structure used by CQ. But before implementing this kind of application you need to recreate at least a templates, components in the CQ, then having a structure of future application in the CQ you can to implement a tool which transform some content data from some system to CQ.