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    Adobe Transmit delay

    Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      There have been a number of comments about the lip sync delay using Adobe Transmit.


      I have just measured it using my Panasonic plasma display and Blackmagic Decklink Studio Card and I find the picture is late by 37ms, almost a frame in PAL land. This compares with a delay of 31ms using the BMD under CS5.5.


      Some of this delay, I'm sure, is due to the plasma but it does show there is slightly more delay using Transmit and CS6 than there was using a BMD preset in CS5.5.



      Testing method.


      I put a frame of HD bars and tone on a Sony EX sequence and I used the audio output from the BMD card to start a timer and I used a photo transistor in front of the screen to stop the timer.

      Just out of interest the delay on the BMD converted SD SDI feed to my CRT is 74ms.


      Richard Knight