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    Long / Chained Clips Break CS6

    ExactImage Level 3

      So, we've been trying to figure out what is causing the problems with mutlitple clips / multicam and the 'video not playing' problem.


      It looks like it's a problem caused by chained clips (where AVCHD and Canon XF files are joined on import because they exceed 4GB).


      CS6 seems to want to read the entire chain of files before doing anything, and any time you stop and start it appears it wants to go back and read the entire thing all over again.   This causes a major bottleneck in the system which prevents video playing!


      Any time you look at the file in the source monitor it shows media pending for a good while (while it's re-reading the chain) then things play fine for a while, but then it seems to want to re-read them over and over and things break.


      If you lay the file on a sequence and ask CS6 to render it the dialog appears with zero frames rendered and sits for ages (again while the entire chain is read) and then takes off rendering.  You can see the files being read in sequence in the Windows Resource Monitor.


      The same thing happens on Mac so it's not a Windows only problem. 


      There "appears" to be no problem with single files that are not chained.


      The behavior of CS5.5 appears to be different and this reading does not happen and you can play and scrub at will.


      At this point it looks like we're going to have to put CS6 to one side (can I have my money back please?) or transcode any chained files - which obvisouly is not what editing native media is all about.


      A quick fox for this would be much appreciated....!


      < still testing >