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    HHK file size seems to prevent CHM build


      Can a large HHK file really prevent a CHM build?  With no HHK in the project folder, the build runs great, as expected.  Using Smart Index Wizard, generate a 12 Mb HHK.  Running a new build stops - not enough disk space to continue.  Moving that large HHK out of the project folder and restarting the build works as expected.


      • Running RH 7, outputting to HTML Help, CHM
      • auto-genned HHK = 12 Mb
      • all function on local drive of 150G, 53G free space
      • index is built from 8 yrs of release notes (can't find the entry count)
      • using 8 different conditional tags, to separately build based on tool platform


      Something to do with project settings?  selected as a " Binary Index".  The end product here is merged as an external CHM into a another CHM.  The HHK is also set as "binary indext" and is 3.6 Mb.  No problems building with it