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    Program constantly crashing


      I have the production premium on my mac book pro thats running 10.8.6   I just got the computer last year, and it has 8Gb of ram and its 2.53 GHz in the processor


      whenever I run any of my adobe programs, it crashes after about 10 minutes. I'll be working, then I'll try to do something and I'll get the rainbow spinny ball, and the program just stops working. It forces me to force quite the program, and usually it's so bad I have to completely force shut down my computer.


      in my 8 hour work day, I'll be restarting my computer 5+ times. And my programs crash about every 10 minutes of working.


      This happens even if only one my of my programs is running, and nothing else on the whole computer is.


      I think my computer should be able to handle this program so I'm not sure what's wrong. Or at least, Id like help to identify if it's a problem with Adobe or my Mac