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    Need help diagnosing cause of printing issue w/ image distortion


      25559 Sire fldr.jpg

      Hello, I'm looking for some expert advice for my print issue with image distortion (see above) on my files once setup and proofed by my printer.


      I have a large PSD background file out of photoshop (CMYK, 170mb psd) that is being placed into an InDesign document. No preflight errors, all correct SWOP cmyk settings, and I keep having issues where images distort on my printers proofs - they seem unable to explain the issue and can't offer any other suggestions beyond ("just try resaving/uploading again" which of course has an added fee with each upload...).


      The files are all fine on our end: on-screen, on our cmyk proofs, and our saved PDFs/packaged files. But everytime our printer opens these they seem to have these distorted image problems - scrambled images (almost as if there was a ghosted transparent image in the distorted area), strange lines (see above, and color distortion (usually greens and pinks, see above).


      Is this an issue with my settings/file formats? Maybe the issue lies on our printers end? I'll keep checking this throughout the day and provide quick answers to anyone who can help me get to the bottom of this.


      Adobe forums have been a huge help in years past so I decided this was by best bet for a resolution from those who know more than myself (or my printer), thanks for taking the time to help!


      - Ian