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    Javascripts stopped responding

    pkrk Level 1

      Recently I’ve been getting “disconnected” from be able to run Javascript scripts from InDesign. It seems to happen “randomly”. One factor that I can think of that might have started this is I’ve recently started utilizing some Applescripts from action enabled folders that call Javascripts.


      Mac OS X 10.5.8

      CS 5.5


      A restart allows me to utilize the jsx files again but they eventually don’t respond at all. Not to a double click, not to a shortcut key that was assigned. What I find odd is that if I double click an applescript from the same scripts panel it will run.


      The other factor might be I recently downloaded CS6 trial for XP that’s running on parallels.



      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.

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          pkrk Level 1

          To update what I've previosuly stated. I believe it only breaks the link to the user scripts.


          I can see my scripts in the panel, but they will not activate. The provided application jsx scripts still work though.

          I should mention that I still have previous versions of InDesign installed on the station. Having them has not caused any conflicts before.


          For experimentation sometimes those CS4/CS3 is used on this station.



          Thank you!


          P.S. I've also tried the set interaction level command, but it does not restore it. ( I placed a jsx with the command into the Sample scripts folder to run).


          I'm thinking a clean out of my preferences might do the trick to keep it from coming back??


          Other things like right clicking and selecting edit script don't respond either.


          --As I said before estarting the station works but I'd like to avoid that.