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    How do I create an Adobe PDF ebook?

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      I am trying to create a PDF ebook. I have CS4 Creative Suite and I have also updated Indesign from 4 to 5.5. I am experienced with Indesign, but have never created an ebook before. Apparently that is done in Distiller, which I have never used before. The instructions I’m following say open Distiller and in Settings choose ebook. There is NO ebook in settings. There is an option Add Adobe PDF settings, but all does is tell me “.joboptions file not found”.


      In researching this problem on the internet, I learned to navigate to the Adobe PDF Settings folder. I did this but there is nothing in it that says “.joboptions” One bit of advice I found said to choose one of the files that is there, copy it and rename it “.joboptions” and select that. I tried that, but I am told it is read only and to choose another file. Another bit of advice I found was that the ebook joboption is not called the Rich Content PDF, and that it was in Extras and had to be moved to settings. I tried that, but of course if I try to selct that I get the same message that it is read only and to choose another file.


      Can ANYBODY please help me with this and better yet the general subject of creating Adobe PDF ebooks? Is Distiller the only way to do it? Distiller seems amazingly difficult to use and buggy too. I expected better from Adobe. Can I do it directly from Indesign 5.5? Is there supposed to be an ebook PDF preset in Indesign 5.5? There isn’t one. IF it is possible to create an Adobe PDF ebook directly from Indesign 5.5 and forget about Distiller, which seems like a horrible program to me, PLEASE tell me how. What am I not getting?