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    Auto Recovery Failed


      While applying "Distribute to layers" function on 12 symbols, Flash CS6 crashed with the regular windows message of "Flash CS6 has stopped working... " and there was no dialogue regarding auto-recovery. When i re-opened the file not only was it not auto saved but most of the data (days of work) in the file was destroyed (Animations Labels Graphics). Is there any way to recover the file from a saved backup somewhere? Why would this horrible thing happen? What can cause this?

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          spin22 Level 1

          I lost some work today too, and as I realized it was BECAUSE of auto-recovery. Could it be you were a victim of the same stupid process?


          I actually thought I had auto-recovery turned off in the first place, but nevermind. I saved, shut down Flash CS6 (to install some extensions), then reopened. To my surprise I saw that a recovery file was on top of the recently open file list in the start screen. Confused, I went with the second most recent file which I was convinced was the one I had just closed. - BIG MISTAKE. This file was as old as its first creation date (yesterday), and opening it obliterated the recovery file immediately. Yep... Apparently that's what recovery files do when they deem themselves ignored. Don't stick around in the "fla"-folder, don't go in the trash, don't show up in Disk Drill scans, no... They vanish without a trace.


          The question remains how come I had apparently saved into a recovery file all day.



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            Ninarama Level 1

            Yay, I also lost like 2 hours of work, because I RELIED on the auto-save feature. And it even asked me in the beginning to do an auto-save. I klicked "yes", because I thought I might use it in the future.

            Then, when adjusting some keyframes in the motion editor, it crashed big time.

            Now I have to do it alol again, 2 hours of tedious work.


            Is there any hidden folder where the auto save files get saved to?!

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              Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee

              If your file was saved even once, the recovery file is created in the same directory as your source file.

              For Untitled documents, recovery files are saved in the preferences folder of Flash. (Something like this: C:\Users\nasthana\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CC 2015\en_US\Configuration)