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    need advanced action to view for 5 seconds once clicked.. help!?


      I've created an advanced action, with click button and images/text to come up associated with each button but I'd like it to view for 5 seconds then fade away so that it doesn't stay on screen and the next button can be clicked to view whats under it. I can't get it to work as intended (as if I program it to view for 5 seconds, if it's past the 5 second mark on the timeline it doesn't view at all when the button is clicked).

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          AndyKingInOC Champion

          are you able to attach a screen shot of your timeline and also of your advanced action?

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            Lilybiri Legend

            Since it is not possible to time with an advanced action statement, and Hide/Show will not realize what you want, I believe you'll have to use micro-navigation within the slide. And depending on the number of interactive objects and objects to have this behavior of showing/fading it will be rather complicated with lot of maths involved.


            So I was wondering if it wouldn't be better to think about rollover slidelets timed for 5 secs for this goal?



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              robynok Newcomer

              Thanks so much for your responses. It's my first post to connect with others on this forum, so I really aprpeciate the feedback. Lilybiri, (so lame to admit) but I feel a little star stuck having you respond, as I'm in debt to you since everything I've learned about advanced actions was through your video tutorials. Thanks for teaching me!


              I was thinking there was just something I was missing, or that it could be easy to do and I was just not seeing something simple in front of me. The screenshot is below, basically it's a timeline and has different buttons you click on to see the benefits of being smoke free. When the button is clicked, a balloon zooms up from regular size to 3 times as big, and then the statement comes up of the benefit. I've not set it up so that when one button is clicked the corresponding balloon/statment shows and the other ones are set to 'hide'. I just find it so tedious and time intensive to hide all of those elements for each, and I don't find the list very easy to navigate through to find the elements. I wish it worked to just type in the corresponding name of the element instead of scrolling through so many things to find the right one a zillion times.


              Hhhmmm you have me thinking about the rollover slidelets, is there a way to do a slidelet along with advanced actions and to apply an effect. (ie/ say show this text, but then trigger that an item zooms bigger)?


              Thanks so much! Happy Friday!

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                Lilybiri Legend

                Thanks for the comment, happy that I could help you with my blog and articles.


                Effects applied by advanced actions are really a pain for the moment for several reasons. Mostly I will limit Apply effects by AA to the 'static' ones like the Filters for that reason. But you want a Zoom. There are some issues with slidelets as well, they cannot be in the same space as the rollover area or with other slidelets and that could be a problem as far as I can judge your slide. But a rollover slidelet has the 'power' to trigger two possible advanced actions: one on rollover and one on click. That is something few users do realize because it is not really an interactive object like a button, more of a 'hybrid' object.


                About the tedious scrolling: intelligent labeling can help a lot. You can use the first letter to scroll quickly to a bunch of objects starting with that letter. Perhaps if we finally can have grouping of objects and one could use Hide/Show for groups this could be easier. That is one of the most begged for features, crossing fingers.


                Just tried this: created a rollover slidelet with an image in the slidelet. Then created a text caption that is initially invisible. Triggering an advanced action On rollover that shows the text caption and applies the effect Scale to 3. When rolling over the rollover area the image will appear and the text will appear and zoom out. You cannot time the Scale to in the action, unless you create a custom effect with a longer duration (default is only 1sec)