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    hardware questions

    espo_74 Level 1

      I have been reading through a lot of the forums and across the web and am having a very hard time finding an answer to CPU and configuration comparisons.


      I currently have a Dell Precision 690, Win7 64bit, running Dual Quad Core Xeon @2.33GHz, 24gb RAM, plenty of scratch and fast drives (10k and 7200 RPM), running CS5. But my machine is 6 years old and even though it runs really well (exceedingly reliable) it is begining to show a lot of lag when I have photoshop, illustrator, indesign, word, outlook and browsers open (all of which are a part of the workflow). I have dual 24" monitors which I know are taxing my video card like crazy (Quadro FX 4500 512mb). So, a great system—have been happy as can be with it. But, like I mentioned, it is showing its age and before I upgrade to CS6 I want to just replace the system but need somethign that will be as reliable as this has been and that will run as painlessly.


      The thing I cannot figure out is: Is the dual Xeon/Precision direction necessary or will a new i7 do the trick? I know that what I do is not terribly processor heavy work and leans on the RAM and disk speed mostly...but am worried that if I step to a single processor that I will--all of the sudden--be running into issues.


      I have been very happy with Dell and am looking at their XPS models, the Alienware machines and, again, the Precision Workstations. XPS being cheaper and the Precision configuration to match what I currently have is close to breaking the bank.


      I know that the new processor is probably at least 10x faster/smarter than the two I have combined but still am tentative to go with a single processor configuration....and then there is the whole gaming system question. I can configure one of these with some amazing components but am worried about the general reliability of the system (or should I be?). Is the Ivy bridge processor that much more improved than the Sandy Bridge Extreme.


      I am lost in the research and cannot find any good, reliable answers anywhere....