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    Cannot install Master Collection C6 (Student) on my MacBook Pro




      I'm trying to install my C6 Master Collection to my MacBook Pro (Lion O/S)..I've already installed this disc on my IMac.

      yet I've tried several times to install the program on my laptop (of which I'm allowed to) and I keep getting a "The product you are trying to install is not an Adobe Genuine Software and appears to be counterfiet" Please report piracy or contact customer support for assistance"


      Now firstly this is a nonsense as the software disc was purchased via an Education Software retailer..It's an official disc and I have my verified key.


      I've rebooted, tried a serial number install, a trail install, cleaned disc.checked my drive (it's ok plays music cd's fine)

      I need to use this software on my laptop when I'm away from my home machine..it's frustrating to have this occur. Was wondering what I can do to install the Master Collection cs6 without getting the above error message..basically i want a successful install. hope someone can help..