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    Showing section numbers in header


      Hi. I am not an InDesign user but I am trying to help someone who is.


      This is a 1000 page textbook split into some 12 chapters, on CS 5.5. The text is structured in some 200 sections (§ 1, § 2, …), numbered continuously from the start (so that say chapter 12  starts at § 180). Some of the sections have titles and some don't, but of course they all start with their section number , which we are showing with its own InDesign style. Most sections are longer than a page, but the shortest section is about 1/3 page long --so that the top text in that page will be the end of say § 112, § 113 will take the middle, and § 114 will start at the bottom.


      We would like the right page header to show, among other data, the section number (the highest section number in that page; the longest chapter is 200 pages long, and section numbers become quite useful for navigating the book). Is there any way of doing this automatically, or any other better way of doing it than manually?


      Thanks for any idea and thanks for reading.