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    OpenCV2 in Alchemy

    orgicus Community Member



      I have been playing with Alexander Mochanov's flash-opencv project in Alchemy 1

      and I've managed to compile and use the example, but as soon as I've tried using some

      other functions in OpenCV2 I ran into issues:



      One major problem is that along the way I had to comment out SSE2,SSE3 instructions

      from the c++ code , which meant a loss in performance.


      Overall my first Alchemy experience wasn't fun:

      1. Hard to workout what issues/error were/meant and ran into them quite often
      2. I couldn't use most of the features of the library I was planning to use


      My questions are:

      1. Would I be able to use OpenCV2 with Alchemy 2 ? If so, will it be any better, or the same sort of hacky experience where more time time is spent debugging/fixing than getting stuff done ?
      2. If an application would use Alchemy2 and Stage3D, but would be free/wouldn't generate any revenue, would that mean it's possible to use Alchemy2 for free ?