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    CS6 timeline not redrawing properly

    Andrew Gingerich

      I just installed the Premiere CS6 demo on my Mac Pro (Lion 10.7.3), and I've been playing with it for a couple days. So far it's worked like a dream, except for one really strange glitch: in one of my sequences, the timeline doesn't want to redraw when changes are made. When I switch to this sequence, I either see the previous sequence I was working on, or this:



      When I mute tracks, perform edits, apply effects, etc., the changes occur but do not appear in the timeline. The only way to get the timeline to redraw is to scale the window or change the zoom level.


      The really strange thing is that this only happens in one sequence (that I'm aware of), while all the other sequences seem to be unaffected. I've tried duplicating the affected sequence, but the same problem occurs in the duplicate.


      Any ideas how I can fix this?

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          monstremoi Adobe Employee

          Wow! That is really strange. I'm wondering if you reset the workspace, if this would help. Also, if you quit and restart the application, does this do anything to fix the redraw issue? Can you get it to happen again in a new sequence by repeatable steps? if you can, does this seem to be effect or media specific?

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            Andrew Gingerich Level 1

            Restarting the computer and relaunching doesn't seem to help, nor does trashing my preferences or resetting my workspace. A simple fix is to copy out all the footage and paste it into a new sequence—that seems to resolve the problem. Still, I wish I knew what caused this.


            Here are the particulars of the sequence:


            AVCHD 1080/23.976p

            Duration: 17 min 34 sec

            5 video tracks, 43 audio tracks, 4 submixes

            Sequence originally created in CS5.5


            I don't think it's relevant, but I'm using a Quadro 4000 with CUDA acceleration enabled. I have three monitors: one for source/program/bin/etc., one for timeline, and one for fullscreen playback. Swapping the timeline display to my primary monitor doesn't help.


            The really bizarre thing is that this project contains 8 other sequences that are technically almost identical, but only this one sequence is affected. As such, I can't imagine that it's effect- or media-specific.

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              monstremoi Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the information. I have a system that may be similar that I will see how it behaves. For now, main thing is for it not to happen again. And there is a workaround. Still, very strange.

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                Andrew, I have the same issue.  (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4393547#4393547)


                Have you been able to find a work round?  I pinned this down to my graphics card not being supported but yours is from what I remember.  I wonder if this is a Mac specific issue.  Have you found a work round? 



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                  Andrew Gingerich Level 1

                  I actually have two video cards. The 4000 drives one monitor and does all the CUDA heavy lifting, then I have an older 8800GT that drives my other two monitors. So it may well be an issue with an unsupported card, but I'm pretty sure CUDA isn't used to draw the interface.


                  The simplest workaround is to just copy all your footage out of the sequence and paste it into a new sequence. That took care of my problem and it hasn't come back (yet). If that doesn't work for you, you might try exporting and re-importing an AAF.

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                    I was having the same problem. I found this fixed it:


                    a) Create a new sequence in CS 6.

                    b) Select all the clips from the original sequence and paste them into the new sequence.


                    The redrawing is now fine.Must have something to do with the fact the original sequence was created in CS 5.5

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                      conleec Level 1

                      I just started using PP CS6 on Friday to cut a 5K RED project. I spent Friday and Saturday syncing my dailies by dropping all my clips on a timeline, then cutting in the corresponding audio for each clip, selecting the clip/audio pair and merging them into bins. Worked like a champ, and I never saw this redraw issue. However, today I started to actually cut, and within 10 minutes I was having this horrible redraw issue, which will be a deal breaker if I can't get it resolved. I'll have to migrate back to Avid.


                      I actually started fresh with a new sequence and recut the material, and it happened AGAIN with an entirely new sequence.


                      I'll do what's been suggested here and copy the sequence into a new one and see if that helps, but this is a major source of anxiety: my projectis a feature for SyFy and don't want to get into this if it isn't going to hold up. I decided to try it over my prefered Avid simply for the benefit of the tight integration with AE. Now I'm not so sure.


                      Chris Conlee


                      BTW: Nahalem Mac Pro (4,1) with 24Gb RAM, nVidia GTX285 GPU, Matrox Mini Max with latest driver, Dual screen setup, bins on left, timeline and source/record on right


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                        Andrew Gingerich Level 1

                        Are you on 6.0.1? I haven't experienced this problem since I updated.

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                          conleec Level 1

                          Yes, I'm fully updated and running 6.0.1. I am however, using OS X 10.7.2. Suppose it has something to do with that? I hesitate to upgrade the OS beyond that, because I'm not sure if my Avid is qualified or not.



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                            Jon Chappell Level 3

                            The latest version of Media Composer is qualified for OS X 10.7.3 and there's no way to update to anything less than 10.7.4. But I know people using it under 10.7.4 with no problems.

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                              conleec Level 1

                              Downloading 10.7.4 now to give it a whirl. Will do a drive clone tonight on my way out the door so I can get back if need be.


                              Strange thing is, I've just copied the clips from my sequence and pasted them into another sequence as suggested above, and it seems to have done the trick: WTF, Rover?


                              While it seems to be working, and I am actually quite enjoying working in PP, this is the sort of thing that doesn't exactly give me a warm and fuzzy about proceeding for an entire feature edit.


                              Chris Conlee

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                                Andrew Gingerich Level 1

                                I have to concur. I switched from FCP last year and although by and large I'm quite happy with Premiere and impressed with how powerful it is, it also seems like a really uneven piece of software. Although any bugs are fairly few and far between, the problems that I have run into have been major and disconcerting.

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                                  conleec Level 1

                                  @Andrew: Care to elaborate? I'm going to make the decision tomorrow whether I continue cutting this Red Epic feature in PP, or migrate over to Media Composer 6, which I KNOW will get the job done. I'd like to know what other MAJOR issues you've run across. If I just have faith that it'll get the job done, I'm inclined to keep plowing ahead just to learn the software. And, no denying it, I'm impressed by the speed and power of it with this native footage. Plus, on the back end I'll have to pull DPX files for VFX plates and this workflow is seemless in PP, a bit more convoluted in Media Composer.


                                  Chris Conlee

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                                    Andrew Gingerich Level 1

                                    @Chris: First, I should mention that CS6 has come with some massive stability improvements, and I would go so far as to speculate that it's now less crash-prone than FCP7. I've been cutting a native AVCHD feature in Premiere—I started cutting in CS5.5 in February, and I made the bold decision to change horses in mid-stream and finish the edit in CS6 because the gains in stability and functionality were so substantial.


                                    The most serious issue I have experienced involved syncing multi-mono audio files into merge clips and forced me to re-sync all my dailies, but word on the street is that CS6 has fixed this bug.


                                    I guess my biggest problems still extant in CS6 aren't bugs so much as lacks of functionality. For instance: if your media goes offline and the files don't have unique names (as is the case with AVCHD files, which are named sequentially from 0 on every card), it can be very difficult to reconnect the footage because Premiere only prompts you for a filename and doesn't provide any other information (shot name, enclosing directory, etc.). Another inexplicable problem: searching and editing metadata in the browser takes FOREVER on my system (as in: enter the search term, go get a cup of coffee, come back and see if the search has finished). Not sure if this is because I have so much footage in my bin or if it has to do with native AVCHD cutting or what.


                                    I've been nonplussed with Premiere's inability to take only the used footage in a project and transcode those files to a different format with handles, something that FCP has done perfectly well since 4.5 or earlier. (There may now be a workaround to this problem if you're trying to render out DPX sequences by using "Send to SpeedGrade" — haven't really explored that yet.)


                                    Adobe's priorities can be a little odd sometimes (case in point: what use is Prelude if it can't sync double-system sound? I haven't even opened it because it seems so totally pointless) and I will admit that I've briefly entertained the notion of switching to Avid (or …Smoke, or something?), but on the whole I've been quite pleased with Premiere, particularly with the improvements made in CS6. The real strength of Premiere (and what ultimately lured me away from FCP7) is its transcode-free editing, which handles AVCHD beautifully. I haven't tried cutting Redcode footage in Premiere, but I hear tell that the workflow is pretty slick.


                                    You can read more of my thoughts on Premiere (5.5) here (note that many of my quibbles were fixed with CS6).

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                                      conleec Level 1

                                      Okay, this is going to be a huge issue. I copied the edit to a new timeline and the redraw issue went away for a while. but as you can see from the attached image, it's back with a vengeance. This makes editing basically impossible, as you can't see what you're doing on the timeline. (For the record, the audio clips in my edit for the most part correspond 1:1 with the video all the way to the end of the sequence, but that's clearly not how it's represented in the redraw...)




                                      I think I might have to transition this project back to Avid before I get in too deep. The fact that I have to manually sort my thumbnails in the bin, I can't seem to get a working AAF exported, and the timeline doesn't redraw properly are real showstoppers, unfortunately.


                                      Chris Conlee

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                                        conleec Level 1

                                        An update:


                                        This redraw issue seems to only strike when the audio track is expanded by turning down the arrow. Anybody else confirm?


                                        Chris Conlee

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                                          I've been having the same problem, and yes it only happens with the audio track is expanded.

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                                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                                            Have not seen that issue on either of my two Windows machines.

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                                              conleec Level 1

                                              I was in contact with folks from Adobe who witnessed this redraw issue via screen-sharing. It's on the list of things to get fixed. Hopefully sooner rather than later.



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                                                Philipp Wolter

                                                Same thing here. It's a terrible bug...makes editing almost impossible. I hope they will fix this soon...just switched from FCP to Premiere as well but this one...ouch.

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                                                  josephs51576386 Level 3

                                                  I've never experince this issue. However I'm on windows.

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                                                    Just started having this issue on a MacPro 4.1 OSX 107.4, CS6.0.1, latest GPU drivers and CUDA drivers.  Went from first day CS6 was released to today without having this issue.  Seams like the longer CS6 is installed, the more issues keep arising.  Starting to think reinstalling CS6 weekly might help..... here's hoping for a fix....Bug report submitted.

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                                                      RBemendo Level 1

                                                      If it helps any one, I was able to eliminate the screen redrawing error by cooling down my GPU.  I'm starting to think it's a GPU overheating issue, and for whatever reason it effects the audio tracks redraw but not the video tracks.  Case is open with a fan blowing, not the most professional looking setup but its working so far.  If it happens again on a cool GPU i'll post back, hope that solves it for someone else too.

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                                                        CAOLSEN Level 1

                                                        I had had this redraw issue on two different machines, one with a good GPU card , and one without.  For me, it didn't mater if the audio track was expanded or not, but if it was, the issue was way more visible, and took even longer to redraw.

                                                        One of the many bugs...and yes for some strange reason, it gets worse over time from the original install.  Wierd to say the least.