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    Adobe Flash-says installed, but isn't???


      1. I downloaded and installed Adobe Flash, got message that it was successful, I now had Adobe Flash, BUT nothing needing flash works, so I checked all programs & Adobe Flash is NOT listed; so I checked Control Room>Uninstall-and Adobe Flash is listed but shows 0 memory under size.


      2 So I uninstalled it, and returned to website, repeated download and install of Adobe Flash. Same thing.


      3.Rebooted and repeated 1 & 2, same results.


      4. When I installed, all 3 times, got error message that I needed to close internet explorer, which I did but still got error message. Kept clicking Retry, finally got past that, install looked like it went well, %'s went to 100%, said complete, I clicked finish.


      5. Have Dell Inspiron 1720, Vista OS [hate hate hate Vista!], IE, Mcafee Total Protection. Am self taught baby boomer pc user [work online 8 hours/day] so please understand I don't understand tech abbreviations.


      Thank you so much for any help you can give.