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    Terminating an application

    PaulatUnited Level 1
      I am a NOOB in AIR. My first project is to convert an existing Flash program to AIR. I've got it all done except I am having trouble terminating the application.

      There is an EXIT button on the screen. When the user clicks it, a movie clip is displayed that asks if he/she is sure, with a Yes and a No button. When the Yes button is clicked, the movie clip is erased and the program should exit. When I try this in Flash with the debugger, the application disappears and I am back to the debugger which I then have to stop. When I compile and install the program on my hard drive, clicking the Yes button removes the movie clip but the application doesn't close. What am I missing???

      function ExitProg(event:Event):void {
      function noClick(event:Event):void {
      function yesClick(event:Event):void {

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