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    Is the warp effect in PPro CS6 mature for the market?

    TB-Chopper Level 1

      After downloading the PPro CS6 trial version i have tested the warp effect with the following result:


      Clip: 350 frames

      Size: 1920 x 1080

      Warp effect: smooth motion and (no motion, didn't work)


      Core i2600, 4 CPU

      16 GB Ram

      NVIDIA GTX 570 (CUDA supported)


      The creation of the warp effect takes 4 minutes and 20 sec. > unusable.


      I load the same clip into my PPro CS5.5 with ProDAD's 64Bit Mercalli V2 Pro stabilizer plug in installed.

      The creation of the warp effect takes 25 sec!


      I can't understand why PPro CS6 takes so long time. I hope and i expect this issue will be fixed soon so i can upgrade to v6.