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    Fireworks is forgetting the home directory??


      I've got one particular web folder where I'll have Fireworks open the source PNG, and when I go to save a slice as a file, Fireworks brings up the Desktop location by default, and I have to drill down to the site's home directory (where the source PNG is stored!) ... and it does this for EVERY slice I'm trying to save. Any other source PNG, Fireworks remembers the source location and saves to that directory by default every time. What's unique about this particular file??? Has anyone seen this behavior before?

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          groove25 Level 4

          Save/Save As and Image Preview are the two File commands that I use most often in Fireworks 8. What I've noticed is that each is independent from the other, and each simply remembers the last selected location within the application for that particular command. (At least as far as I can tell.)


          If you were opening different files in different locations, it wouldn't surprise me that you might have to re-navigate to various folders as you 'save as' or export. But it is surprising to hear that the location isn't remembered when you're exporting multiple slices in series from the same file. What command or method are you using to save slices?

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            AdrianLe Level 1

            I typically do the Preview/Export process... and this allows me to navigate to a directory, and the next time I do this it should remember the directory. And on MOST of my projects, it does. On this ONE specific project however, it always defaults to the desktop. Even if i open the source PNG from it's home directory, it keeps defaulting to the desktop.

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              groove25 Level 4

              It makes me wonder if there's something unique about that file path...


              Assuming it could be a glitch within the document itself, I'd probably try resaving and renaming the document using Save As... to see if that fixed the problem. Or, given that it might be a problem with the file path, I'd try moving the document, as is, to another folder/directory, as an experiment. (If that fixed the problem, I'd then move it back to the original location to check if the problem returned.)