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    Nook says user not activated


      I downloaded dobe digital editions so I would be able to download books from my public library, I downloaded it. Adobe asked me to give an email address for verification. According to this website, as well as my library website, all I would have to do to read an ebook from my nook was to plug my nook in, open digital edtions and the program would "automatically" recognize the nook and ask me to activate it. Well it never has. It does however show up on the list of book shelves. I can drag a downloaded book to my nook tab, it does show up there, but when I unhook it from the computer it says user not activated. How do I get this problem resolved? How do I get adobe to ask me if I would like to authorize my nook?

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          I'm not sure where you're coming from in your assumptions and what you've

          done, so let me cover everything.


          First, you should have registered with Adobe and obtained an Adobe ID

          before you downloaded Digital Editions.  Next, you should have registered

          your Nook with B&N, and it would have been so much easier if you did that

          using your Adobe ID, so that the two parts of this process would have a

          common ID.


          Next, you haven't said which Nook model you have.  Adobe Digital Editions

          (ADE) does not support all of them.  Click

          HERE<http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices> for

          the list.  BTW: this website doesn't say that your Nook would be recognized

          'automatically'.  If it's been registered properly, when you start ADE it

          should appear on your bookshelf (left hand panel of ADE's Library view),

          and that should mean you can drag and drop an ebook to it.  You described

          this process, but you say it's not working, so I'm thinking that the

          particular Nook you have may not be supported.


          Third, when you disconnect, you need to follow a particular sequence, or

          you'll get messed up.  When you've done your drag and drop, you need to

          disconnect the Nook logically from the computer.  I'll assume you have a

          Windows PC: you can use Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) to 'eject'

          the Nook by bringing up a display of the devices attached to your PC, and

          then right clicking on the Nook.  A drop-down box will show up, and 'eject'

          is a choice in that box.  If you know the disk drive letter, you can use

          the 'Safely Remove Hardware' feature on the right hand side of the START

          bar (it's the icon that looks like a computer).  Click on that icon, then

          pick the drive and click on it.  You'll get a message that the hardware can

          be removed.  At this time, look at the display on the Nook.  It will tell

          you when it's finished processing content and is ready to be unplugged.


          Try this stuff and see if it fixes the issue.  If not, then we'll try

          something else.



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            I'm having the same issue as hakin. I bought a new Nook Simple Touch and I'm trying to use ADE to transfer e-books from my old e-reader to the new one.

            Adobe says that if you have authorized your computer then ADE will allow you to transfer library items to up to six computers and six supported mobile devices. My computer is authorized and both my devices are supported, but I can't transfer anything -- library books or purchased epubs.

            I deleted all my files from ADE and deleted and reinstalled the application, but that didn't help either. Wondering if it's a bug in the program.

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              I think that the issues you're having are related to the ereader, not to

              ADE.  The Nook Simple Touch is a newer ereader, and it's not listed

              HERE<http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices> in

              the list of supported devices.  Don't assume because the list says that the

              'Nook Touch' is supported, that means the 'Nook Simple Touch' is the same



              If you're using Windows 7, it's possible that some software settings are

              causing your problem.  Let's try something different.  Attach both ereaders

              to your computer vis USB and then use your computer's utility software to

              copy an ebook from one to the other.  Then detach the ereader that got the

              copy and see if you can open the ebook you copied.  If that works, then you

              can use the process for the other ones.


              Hope this helps!


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                Thanks for the suggestion, but that didn't do it. (I'm getting a "user not activated" message on the ereader that received the transfered files.) If you have any tricks up your sleave specific to Apple OS X let me know.

                For what it's worth, there is no device called a "Nook Touch": There's only the first-generation Nook, the Nook Simple Touch (with or without the $40 nightlight), Nook Color and Nook Tablet. Given the choices, Adobe appears to say it supports the Simple Touch, even if it can't name it correctly.

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                  And if the message is from the Nook, it means that the Nook has not been




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                    Wish it were that simple. It may well be a Nook issue, though. Books I purchased from BN transfer easily. Nothing else does -- at least nothing with DMR restrictions -- whether I use Adobe, Calibre or try transferring files from one device to another without a third-party intermediary.

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                      I am having the same issue. I have a Nook Color that I have had for over a year with no problems. Suddenly it refuses to open any book, borrowed from library or downloaded or purchased from B&N, but gives me a "User Not Activated" error. I followed instructions from the forum and deleted the Adobe.Digital.Editions and Digital.Editions library via My Computer, then opened Digital Editions and connected my Nook. Digital Editions recognized it and asked me to Authorize it, which I did. Note that the bulk of my books have disappeared from the Nook Color. I dragged one of the library books to the Nook, disconnected the Nook using the "Safely Remove Hardware" function, turned my Nook on, the book is there, but I still get the "cannot open, User Not Authorized" message. I also cannot open any other book that remains visible on my Nook. After a year of thoroughly enjoying it, I'm about to go back to the store. If I can't open books, what good is it.

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                        Frustration like this does mount - trust me on that one.


                        If something worked before but doesn't work now, it's almost 100% sure that

                        something changed.


                        Your description means that the link between the two devices has failed.

                        The ebooks you have already contain a small amount of information that

                        captures the user ID and other data that was created when you set up the

                        Nook with B&N and then downloaded the ebook.  So, when you go to open the

                        ebook, the Nook checks to see whether its ID matches the one in the ebook.

                        If not, it won't open - and you see the results.  My guess is that your

                        Nook's ID has changed - and you can contact B&N and see if they can help

                        you re-register the Nook with the proper ID.  This can happen if the Nook

                        has an electrical glitch or if B&N does a download of new software.


                        Hope this helps!


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                          I contact Best Buy since I bought the Nook there with a 2-yr service contract. They suggested I do a “Soft reset” – hold down the “N” and the on switch for 10 seconds. Then start it again. I did that, and now it works. Go figure.




                          Thank you for the response.

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                            Keep that in mind for next time - and I think there will be a 'next time'.

                            Don't ask how I know....



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                              I have figured out the problem and have resolved it. I contacted barnes and noble witht he issue that I was having, and they walked me through the steps. when you plug the nook up via usb a window comes up and you need to click on "open folder to view files.... whatever book you are trying to read will be in a file, delete the file. close the window and open adobe digital editions and it asked to be to activate my nook then. Thank you everyone that has tried to help.

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                                What ended up working for me was to reset the Nook to its factory settings. ADE behaved with the device after that.