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    Copy from Excel to InDesign

    pelicanadv Level 1

      In the past, I was able to copy blocks of rows and columns in Excel and then highlight my table cell blocks in InDesign and paste the new data right into the table. I tried to do this today, and the only thing that would paste was the first cell in InDesign (the other copied cells would not paste). I ended up pasting the Excel data in InDesign as a separate text block, then converting the copied table to text and pasting it into the formatted InDesign table.


      This work-around is OK, but  I'm curious what I'm doing wrong. I checked to see if there were contingent cells in either Excel or InDesign, and they weren't.

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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          The range of copied cells is probaly larger than the number of cells available in the table that you are pasting into. So if you copy a 5 column by 4 row selection, you will not be able to paste this into a table that has only 4 columns by 3 rows.

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            pelicanadv Level 1

            No, I finally figured it out. I could not copy and paste because I upgraded my Excel program to version 14.1.4 (part of the Microsoft Office 2011 suite). When I re-saved the files from their default version to   an Excel 97-2004 Workbook, everything copies and files  re-link.

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              AndreasCarlsson Level 1

              If someone else ends up here after googling this issue, here is a working solution:

              - Copy the info from Excel (you may need to Include Shift to copy data correctly).

              - Paste it in a text editor. The text should be pasted as raw text without formatting. (I use Textwrangler, I haven't tried anything else.)

              - Copy all text from the editor.

              - Paste it in InDesign (eg by selecting the entire table and then paste). All format etc is kept.


              I have used this on ID CS6.



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