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    Single JavaHelp JAR from multiple MS Word docs?




      I need to generate a single JavaHelp JAR (e.g. xyz.jar) from two MS Word (.docx) documents.  Then use that xyz.jar for context sensitive help from multiple Java GUIs.  Until now I had just one Word document to generate a JavaHelp for context sensitive help.  If I open 'Help' on GUI X, java help takes me directly to the section for X, 'Help' on GUI Y takes me to the section for Y, and so on.  Now I got two Word docs (both are similar in format, both are like user manuals with Hdr1, 2, 3 sections), but the Java system in place takes just one JavaHelp (xyz.jar).  I do not want to alter the existing Java code.


      Thanks for your help.


      - Arefin