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    Please Help with Color Issue

    Jossi2a Level 1

      Why can't I get my Epson Printer to print the colors on the monitor>   First time this is happening.   Printer is new...ink okay...and history with the printer has been okay.   Took some foto's yesterday...blue heron, picking up a fish in a pond.   Water is blue...heron is grey and white and has other yellowish and maroon coloring as well.  The fish he caught was a gold fish.   The colors on the monitor are wonderful.


      The foto's were cropped severely.   But are still clear.    Now the water is pink...and the heron is a disgusting color of grey green.   Have chosen ICM...chosen Adobe color profile.  Used premium glossy white papers,  Epson inks.  


      Tried printing it out without ICM and with different papers....still the same...Either everything is hot pink, or dull gray brown.  


      This was my first ever heron foto that had any merit, and I so want to print it out for everyone to see.  I was so lucky to catch the fishing capture.  And now so frustrated with the inability to print it.


      Does the cropping have anything to do with the printing of the foto?


      Many thanks.