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    Prolonged Startup of NIK software plugins with CS6


      I have CS6 (WinXP SP3) using NIK Software plug-ins ColorEfex Pro4, SilverEfex Pro2, Viveza, HDREfex Pro, Pro-Sharpener and Dfine.  When I click on CS6 to start the program, it quickly reaches the point where it says "starting plug-ins."  At this point, a few plug-ins load up, the ColorEfex Pro4 starts, but it takes 4 full minutes for this plug-in to load into CS6.  The SilverEfex plug-in takes about 4 seconds thereafter, and all the rest load almost instantly.  Once loaded into CS6,  the plug-ins do work.  If I remove the ColorEfex 4 itself, then the SilverEfex takes about 4 minutes to load.  With each of these, the computer warns me of high CPU usage.  If I delete both Color and SilverEfex plug-ins, the others load immediately.  What I do not understand is why I did not have this lengthy delay when I used these plug-ins with CS5.  It took about 25 seconds for ColorEfex Pro4 with CS5 but 4 minutes with CS6.   I know  I have an older computer, but it never was this slow before . Any thoughts?  Thank you.