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    Premiere Elements 10 Crashes on Startup in Mac OS X Lion


      Every time I try to run Premiere Elements 10 on my MacBook Pro with OS X Lion it crashes.  There is really nothing more to tell.  I does not give me an error besides Premiere Elements 10 quit unexpectedly with options to Ignore, Report, or Reopen.  I've tried deleting the prefs files and uninstalling and reinstalling with no success.  Any other ideas would be welcome.  Well, except for creating a new user account.  I had problems with PSE a couple of months ago and the solution was to create a new user account.  What a PITB!  I'm still not completely recovered from that and some things from my old account would not move to my new account at all and were lost.  I will not go through that again.  If that is the solution, I'll just go back to iMovie and forget PRE.