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    The Video Length..??

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      Hi Guys,

                    I am Ahmed Azher. I am new to this forum, infact this is first post , anyway. I am using Adobe After Effects CS4. I don't use the CS6 version because I am already used to to CS4. The problem that I am facing is that Any video I open for edit in a composition which has a length of more than 30 secs, after editing when I render it, that video always save in the length of exact 30 seconds.. I want it to save for its exact length. For Example I open a video of 3 mins, I fully edit it... But When ever I save it.. it will be saved only of 30 secs.. So please tell me if there is any solution to fix this problem.





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          Well, do you actually set your comp duration or work area to longer than 30 seconds? It doesn't sound like you do or at least something in your render settings is overriding this. Other than that this could be a million reasons from damaged source footage to attempting to store files on FAT formatted drives where file size is limited to CoDec problems, but since you haven't provided us with any info on that it's pure guesswork at this point.