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    CS6 Version Problems


      I installed the CS6 Master Collection (NOT as a trial, it is paid for) on my Mac, but on first launch Photoshop Extended becomes just regular Photoshop. I lose the features of the Extended version. I assume the Master Collection includes the Extended Version, so how come I can only use the Extended Version as a trial?

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          station_one Level 3

          Are you by any chance on Windows XP?


          If so:


          * Adobe Photoshop® Extended 3D features and some GPU-enabled features are not supported on Windows XP.




          Please give further details about your machine and OS.

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            station_one Level 3

            BTW, you are correct that this collection includes Photoshop Extended.


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              tim_pdx Level 1

              No, I abandoned the Windows platform long ago. I'm using Mac OS X, 64-bit Intel. All my software is up-to-date as of May 10, 2012 and my computer is in complete working order. I have Photoshop CS5.1 Extended on the same computer as part of CS5.5, it works just fine.


              I use Photoshop more than any of the other programs in the Suite, although I use a lot of them, and if I can't get this fixed I'll need to switch between CS5.1 Extended and CS6 to get everything done. I've reinstalled Photoshop twice, and both times it shows up as Extended until I launch it activated. I launched it before activating it the second time I installed it, (the first time separate from the suite) and it worked as Extended then. But once I put in my serial number it switches to the regular version every time.

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                SG... Adobe Employee

                Hi Tim,


                Something's not right...to state the obvious ;-)


                Did you order thru the Adobe.com store? Have you tried licensing other apps that are exclusive to the Master Collection (eg. Flash Builder)?




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                  tim_pdx Level 1

                  I completely uninstalled the Suite and reinstalled it from scratch. I have Photoshop Extended now.


                  Thank you all for your help, it seems the answer was so simple, however inconvenient.