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    Pre-Instantiating Item-Renderers


      I have a datagrid control which uses SWC based custom controls as its item renderers. I noticed that when I scroll up and down, the item renderers seem to "reinitialize"...

      for example, if i have a movie clip in the swc control, it will start playing from frame 1 when the item renderer comes to view when scrolling the datagrid up and down.

      I learned from the help doc that "List controls instantiate only objects visible in the list".

      How can I override this behavior so that all of the items in the datagrid are instantiated when initially loaded?
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          I dont think you can. Datagrid actually instantiates visible renderers and reuses them as you scroll down... IOW there are never more renderer instances than visible renderers.

          I ended up using Grid in a similar situation. Maybe AdvancedDatagrid in Flex3 can do what you want but I would doubt it.