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    Using XMLLIST - Enable/Disable Menu Items

    singhalkapil Level 1

      I am using XMLList for creating menu items.


      I want to enable / disable menu items based on the permissions to the user.


      Below is the code snippet:


      <fx:XMLList  id="newData">

                                    <menuitem id="item1" label="{resourceManager.getString('taskmgmt', 'taskmgmt.label.newProject')}" />

                                    <menuitem id="item2" label="{resourceManager.getString('taskmgmt', 'taskmgmt.label.projectFromTemplate')}" enabled="false"/>



      private function ItemClickHandler(event:MenuEvent):void





                                                             if(event.item.@label == resourceManager.getString('taskmgmt', 'taskmgmt.label.newProject')){


                                                                       dispatchEvent(new SwitchViewEvent(SwitchViewEvent.SWITCH_VIEW_EVENT,false));






      protected function newMenuButton_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void


                                              if(! PermissionManager.isAddPermitted("WTM_PROJECT_PLANNING")){

                                                        newData.item1.enabled = false;




                                                        menuList.dataProvider = newData;

                                                        menuList.show(event.stageX + 5 , event.stageY + 5);

                                                        mode = CREATE;




      Based on the permission, I want to dynamically enable / disable the "New Project" button.


      Can someone provide information how to achieve this ?


      Further update on this, it is giving the following error while running of the application:


      "TypeError: Error #1089: assignment to list with more than one item is not supported"