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    How to add a new page??

      Could someone please tell me if it is possible to create a new page for a website using contribute. I can't for the life of me locate informations about this. Thanks! N
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          Oh, yes it is possible. But if you are looking for information on how to do it, it does not exist, or if it does, it makes no sense. Create the page off of the template, or use a 3rd parth editor to make it and then upload it your site and edit it with Contribute. One page one site however, not what I was told before I bought it. Boy, I am a sucker.
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            check the F1 help files.
            What you are allowed to do in contribute may be limited by what the Admin
            who set up your permissions allowed.

            You might not be able to make a new document, or can only create one based
            on an existing dreamweaver Template for example.

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              sorry, but if you don't know how to use an application you probably
              shouldn't type hard to understand replies to others.

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                Dear Alan,
                On the other hand, some more quality support on these forums from you guys, the communities/experts or other experts, would be most appreciated. Then you would not have to place such an, almost arrogant, reply to someone who is trying (ok, maybe you're right that it's no the best reply, but nevertheless...) to help someone else. It's not so nice to express yourself like this on peoples efforts to get Contribute working the best way they can and trying to help others.
                Messages/posts from Adobe support are often minimal... Of course I read the Important Note: These online forums are for user-to-user discussions of Adobe products, and are not an official customer support channel for Adobe. If you require direct assistance, or prefer to contact Adobe support staff directly, please contact Adobe support., but a bit more help from you guys would be appreciated very much.
                Sometimes I do not even get an answer from Adobe support... But it's not so bad as some people make you believe, since I also do get replies that are to the point and accurate.
                Especially concerning network installations of Contribute, show that there are considerable problems with the software, when you connect from a network environment. Problems with css also are posted a lot (all browsers display fine, contribute does not, f.i.).
                I you guys could get yourself to be more present at the forums you maybe you would be able to make a considerable difference in the amount of solutions we can offer as a community.
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                  No Adobe Community Expert behind my name.
                  I think my next step is an attorney.
                  From your own add for selling Contribute states the following:

                  Adobe® Contribute® CS3 enables content authors to quickly and easily update existing websites and blogs while maintaining site integrity — with no technical expertise required. Thanks to a true WYSIWYG authoring environment, content authors and contributors can edit or update any website or blog without having to learn HTML.

                  No Techncial expertise required, and by your own statement above you have made this a false statement, and you have shown that Adobe misrepresents its products. Now I have a ticket open that I expect Adobe to respond to today and that you clearly (in laymens terms) explain to me how to do what I ask.

                  My ticket number is: Case #0180118803

                  It has been more than 48 hours with no response.

                  Thank you,
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                    > My ticket number is: Case #0180118803

                    that's a help ticket with Adobe Support?

                    that has nothing to do with this PEER to PEER support forum.

                    I am a volunteer.

                    IF you post your problem here- I will take a stab at it.

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