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    draw inside movieclip-update bug?


      When I draw and change the shapes inside my movieclip it wont show on screen. If I leave the movieclip and then enter it again the change shows up. Very annoying since I'm used to realtime screen-feedback from my tools. It works in a different .fla file open at the same time and it starts working again when I restart the program.


      I don't know how to reproduce it but it happens sometimes and feels very glitchy to be forced to restart flash every now and again just to be able to use it.


      I'm using the mac-version.

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          What version of Flash?


          This isn't typical behavior. You probably have a corrupt install (requiring a reinstall) or your graphics card is acting up. You have a mac so your driver should be fine or I'd say to update that. What graphics card and what Mac and OSX version are you using?