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    Flash Builder and Adobe AIR: anybody there?

    matteosistisette Level 1



      I've recently posted quite a few posts reporting very serious bugs of both Flash Builder 4.6 and Adobe AIR especially on mobile platforms, and asking about possible fixes and workarounds.


      I would have expected immediate replies by someone at Adobe showing some interest in such blocker bugs that render Flash Builder completely useless, and developing AIR apps for mobile impossible. But there was no reply at all.


      I wonder, are Flash Builder and Adobe AIR being maintained, or have they been abandoned? Because in the latter case I'd rather know it and stop wasting my time using this platform for development.




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          Riccardo Moschetti Level 1

          I feel your preoccupations, Matteo. I have them too.


          A few days ago, Gartner issued a document, called - as usual for Gartner - "magic quadrant", related to Mobile App Develpment 2012.

          This document explains the situation of the different vendors so one can make an educated choice about the IDE to use for platform-independent mobile things.

          Adobe is well-positioned in this quadrant. However, Gartner (who have talks with vendors before issueing their reports) only referred to PhoneGap when explaining how Adobe addresses mobile app development.


          This is a shame, because FB is powerful and uses ActionScript (which many of us like).


          I have bought FB last year and had fun with it. I don't think it's going to last for long, if I Adobe doesn't show that HTML5 + CSS aren't the only way to go.