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    Set a FLVPlayback Object Colour

    Chris Molland Level 1



      I am creating an FLV movie player using one of the FLVPlayback Skins (SkinUnderPlaySeekStop). I am trying to set the colour of the play button and the SeekBar dynamically from my player.


      I can assign the Skin OK using flashMovie.skin = "SkinUnderPlaySeekStop.swf";


      I thought I would be able to add the following code into the Skin's actionscript:


      // Set the seekBarHandle colour.

      var myColor:ColorTransform = seekBarHandle_mc.transform.colorTransform;

      myColor.color = 0xFF3300;

      seekBarHandle_mc.transform.colorTransform = myColor;


      If I preview the Skin the colour changes, but when referenced into my player it remains white!


      I simply want to make the default green parts a colour of my choice depending on some variables in the player.


      Thank you.