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    Increasing treble in bassy audio

    dh91 Level 1

      Hey everyone,


      Trying out CS6, so far i LOVE it.


      A question though, more pertaining to audio dynamics rather than Premiere itself.


      I am making a movie trailer for an independant film at school. The sound consists mostly of ambiences and swishes and such from mixed and taken from VC Pro Scores editorial.


      The thing I noticed, is that a lot of the sounds are really bassy, and are only heard really well if using headphones. When not using headphones (and just MBP speakers), it is really hard to hear the ambiences.


      I'm assuming the audience is mostly college students on their laptops, which seem to lack good bass (among other things), so I was wondering if there is an effect that would increase the treble a bit to bring it out a bt more in less bassy speakers.