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    AdvancedDataGrid tree problem

    darkislight Level 1

      Hi All,



      I got a problem here and that is related to the display of hierarchical data in the advanceddatagrid

      (Flex 3).

      Actually i want following structure :-


      >Node 1

      >Node 2

      >Node 3

      > No node, here only the child directly (meaning no folder icon).



      But  i am getting that also as a folder. When i group by a particular field even though only one record is present it is being grouped and displayed as if it has children while it is not true.I am using a grouping collection and hierarchicalview and populating it with number of beans containing data.



      Kindly sail me out of this.I have tried many options but all in vein .



      Eagerly waiting  for your responses...