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    Need help with Garbage Matte / Track Matte


      Hey Guys,


      I'm a Vegas Pro user trying his hand at Premiere Pro 6.  I would love to make the switch over, but there seems to be one sticking point I can't get past and I was wondering if someone could help me solve it. 


      Basically, I have a video clip that has four cameras on screen at once (guitars) that have a graphical overlay.  In Vegas I would use the cookie cutter tool to make sure each respective camera fit in it's area (so basically as a ghetto mask) and it worked great.  The reason it worked great is I need to pan/crop a lot to keep the guitars level, and the cookie cutter would not move around when you pan and crop. 


      Basically my problem is in Premiere I can't find an effective way to do this that doesn't involve me animating both the motion settings of each video clip but in addition to that the garbage matte.  The garbage matte moves around with the clip, making it double the work to use.  I also tried using a track matte but that too moves around with the video clip .  Trying to use adjustment layers did not work as I was only able to setup one camera as everything below the adjustment layer would be cut out except for that one camera.


      These things are sort of hard to describe, so I think watching the video below would help.  I could really use a hand here!


      Here is a sample of the video, skip to where there is a 4 camera split :


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj1steSoysg&list=UUMVcE4tPTXx5ILVjG_KOukg&index=1&feature=p lcp