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    Error E-ADEPT_NO_TOKEN with Pageplace in ADE 1.8p3




      When downloading books from the German bookstore


      I cannot get the books linked in the ASCM (Adobe Server Content

      Management) files. The PagePlace support found out that this error only

      concerns the 1.8 Preview 3 version, not the regular 1.7.2 version. I

      could not test it myself because the regular 1.7.2 version cannot be

      used with screenreader at all, so I have no possibility to import the

      book in the 1.7.2 library and to migrate it to my 1.8p3 version.


      Would it help if I attached the ACSM file to find out if ADE 1.8p3 does

      some misinterpretation of the code?


      OS: Win XP Pro SP3

      Browser: Firefox 12

      Screenreader: Windoweyes 7.5.41

      ADE 1.8 p3

      Bookstore: http://www.pageplace.de


      Kind regards,