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    Web App HTML error


      If you go to here- http://www.phillylite.com/message-board.html


      It has an error with some of thee code there, but when my friend looked at the actual modules code, he said it was fine.


      I couldn't get the CSS to work in the site global CSS so I put it in here


      This is the module code now-


      <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN">



              <style type="text/css">


                  margin:0 0 10px;







                  .boat-list h2{



                  font-family:Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;


                  padding: 10px 0 10px 10px;


                  .boat-list h2.boat-title{




                  border-bottom:1px solid #333;










                  padding: 5px 20px;



                  a.sociallite:link {color:#cc3333; text-decoration:none;}

                  a.sociallite:visited {color:#cc3333;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.sociallite:hover {color:#cc3333;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.sociallite:active {color:#cc3333;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.video:link {color:#9933ff; text-decoration:none;}

                  a.video:visited {color:#9933ff;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.video:hover {color:#9933ff;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.video:active {color:#9933ff;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.nightlite:link {color:#3366cc; text-decoration:none;}

                  a.nightlite:visited {color:#3366cc;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.nightlite:hover {color:#3366cc;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.nightlite:active {color:#3366cc;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.streetlite:link {color:#339933; text-decoration:none;}

                  a.streetlite:visited {color:#339933;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.streetlite:hover {color:#339933;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.streetlite:active {color:#339933;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.ladiesoflite:link: {color:#ff3399; text-decoration:none;}

                  a.ladiesoflite:visited {color:#ff3399;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.ladiesoflite:hover {color:#ff3399;  text-decoration:none;}

                  a.ladiesoflite:active {color:#ff3399;  text-decoration:none;}





              <div class="boat-list">

              <h2><a class="sociallite" href="{tag_photoAlbumLink}">{tag_name_nolink}</a></h2>

              <div class="boat-detail">

              <div class="boat-img"><a href="{tag_photoAlbumLink}">{tag_photo left_nolink}</a></div>

              <div class="boat-desc">{tag_description}</div>






      This module worked before and then I deleted all the posts and added these new ones.


      But if you use Firebug on my page you see that its adding something else. I don't know where its coming from our what to change because there is no global.

      I only have one of the {tag_photoAlbumLink} used and thats in the first item.


      Where is this issue stemming from, how can I go in and fix the code whereever the error is occuring. My friend says he recognizes the issue in HTML on the site page through Firefox but there is no global HTML for the site that I know of and we couldn't figure out what part of BC was generating this error.




      does anyone know how to transform my HTML so that instead of the color changing by the class for of the {tag_name}, it would change based of the post items classification?

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hey there,

          Do you mean the links?


          Looks like you made a custom field which is a text (hyperlink) and then tried to put that in a href of your own link. You can not do this. The link custom field will render in full the html of a link <a href="".... etc.

          So you just need to have that tag and not put it in an A element around it.

          If you want to form your own anchor html you need to use the custom field text option and copy and paste links into there.


          On the main landing page of the business catalyst forums you can see on the right the quick reference links for modules and tags, these show what is availible and what options they have, if any. Really handy.