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    Newbie Elements Editing Question


      I have a 29 minute video that plays in full in Organizer, however when I try to edit it in Elements only the first 14 seconds are available.  What am I doing wrong?


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          photodrawken Rockstar

          The folks in the Premiere Elements forum would know:




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            Barbara B. Mythic

            Moving to the Premiere Elements forum.

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              Steve Grisetti Mythic

              What model of camcorder is this video from and what format and resolution is it? How did you get it from your camcorder to your computer?


              When you started your Premiere Elements project, which project settings did you select?


              When you added the video to your project, did you wait for it to completely conform before you started editing? (You can see the progress in the lower right of the interface.)


              Try clearing the file from your project and re-importing. This time wait for it to completely conform before you do anything else with it.

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                momsquad60 Newcomer

                Hi Steve,

                I copied the video from a disk.  It has a  .vob extension.  Not sure of the resolution.  It plays clear enough.

                My project settings was "Hard Disk. . . "


                Maybe I didn't wait??  So I tried again.  Deleted everything. No project.


                Went to the Organizer.  Highlighted the video (which plays in full), clicked "edit with Premier Editor",


                It immediately pops in with 14 seconds and there is no progress bar


                Is is me?  The disk?  But then why does is play in the organizer?


                So confused.

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                  Steve Grisetti Mythic

                  When you started your project, did you select the option for a standard definition Hard Disk Camcorder? This is very important.


                  Then put the DVD in your computer's disc drive and use Premiere Elements' Get Media/From DVD Camcorder or PC DVD to rip the files from the disc to your project.


                  Then wait for it to conform before you edit.

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                    momsquad60 Newcomer

                    Hello Steve,

                    Thank you for trying to help.  I'm beginning to think it may have something to do with the disk. 


                    I deleted everything again.


                    Followed your directions exactly.  (Reason for the delayed response)


                    When the Video Importer window pops up, 6 files show.  (They take awhile to all load completely)

                    The 1st one reads:  VTS_01_1.VOB  and gives a time of 14 sec

                    The 2nd one reads:  Video_TS.VOB  It has a filmstrip icon within the box and no time is given

                    The other 4 files are similar to the first.  With times of 12sec, 28min25sec, 17sec, and 6min31sec


                    Looking at these files in the preview box, the 1st one is the one I need, however further along than 14 sec. 

                    I don't understand what the 2nd file is.

                    The others are later on the disk and do not have the clip I need.


                    I can play the disk fine using windows.  Problem is Elements is the only video editor I have. 


                    Am I still doing something wrong?


                    Thanks again,


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                      John T Smith Legend

                      >copied the video from a disk. It has a .vob extension


                      How about telling everyone the model camcorder, just to provide more information?


                      Also, read Read Bill Hunt on editing a VOB/MPG file http://forums.adobe.com/thread/464549

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                        Steve Grisetti Mythic

                        If you let the video conform after you use Get Media to get it into your project, it should work fine.  But it does take a couple of minutes, depending on how long the clips are and how fast your computer is.

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                          momsquad60 Newcomer


                          John - I honestly do not know what camera/recorder made the original file.  I was simply given a DVD with the files on it.  If it helps at all, the disk has various home video clips on it from about 15-20 years ago.  Oh!  When looking under "My Computer"  the drive reads:

                          DVD RW DRIVE (E:)  Sony_DVD_Recorder_Volume

                          Hopefully that helps you?


                          Steve -  if I'm understanding correctly, once the Video Importer shows me the 6 files (which does take about 10 minutes before they all show), and even though the 1st file shows 14sec, if I complete the import this file will comform complete?  I'll try again. . .


                          Thanks again for your guidance,


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                            John T Smith Legend

                            >video clips on it from about 15-20 years ago



                            Since I do not think there was such a thing as a DVD camera that long ago, my GUESS is that someone converted movies to a playable DVD at some time, and what you have is a copy of that, not something that was directly recorded to a DVD by a camera


                            Depending on HOW the conversion was done, you may (or may not) have any easy time editing those files... I think if you read in Hunt's link that I posted, he mentions that DVD recorders (like to recorde a TV show) sometimes do "odd" things that make it very difficult to edit the files


                            You may want to ask the person who gave you the DVD just exactly what they did

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                              the_wine_snob Legend



                              Having the VOB's, seems to indicate that the disc might be a DVD-Video (standard DVD to play on the computer with DVD software player program, or on a stand-alone DVD player, hooked to a TV). Are those VOB files inside of a VIDEO_TS folder, along with some IFO and BUP files?


                              On a DVD-Video, there should be a VIDEO_TS folder (and possibly an AUDIO_TS folder). If that is the case, then the first VOB should have any navigation, any Menus, and then the first part of the MPEG-2 file, which can, and usually will span the other VOB's.


                              However, all VOB's are not created equal, as that article, that John T. linked to, will point out. Most DVR (DVD Recorders) will create a first VOB, that will give PrE issues. That is due to their rudimentary navigation, that is seldom 100% DVD-compliant. If that is the case, then using other software to rip the MPEG-2 from the VOB container, will probably be the best course of action.


                              Now, it could well be that someone did a DVD-Data disc, and just copied over the VOB files from a DVD-Video.


                              Also, for Importing VOB files, I would Copy those over to an internal HDD (Hard Disk Drive), and Import from there. This will do two things:


                              1. Speed the Importing process up greatly
                              2. Relieve you from having to have that DVD in the multi-drive, every time that you Open your Project


                              Good luck,