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    Bug - Flash CS6 Help does not load

    Alec Fehl Level 1

      Fresh install of WIndows 7 (32-bit). Fresh install of Flash CS6 trial. Click Help > Flash Help and nothing happens. Help does not load. Browser never opens. Nothing happens. Same with Help > Flash Support Center. Also installed Photoshop CS6 trial and that Help system does load (opens browser to online help page). Flash CS6 Help is completely dead. Anyone else experiencing this? Or better yet - how to fix it?

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          SuhasYogin Adobe Employee

          Hi Alec,


          This is a known issue and you should install the Flash Pro CS6 Help Update to be able to view Help from within Flash Pro CS6.


          Please let me know if you still face any issues viewing Help.


          Also, at any point in time you can view the latest Help, Learning, and Getting Started material from http://helpx.adobe.com/flash.html



          Suhas Yogin

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            Hi Alec, hi Suhas : i've got the same problem as Alec on mac os x 10.7.3 , that is "help does not load". i downloaded the Help update (manually first and and directly from Flash pro), but the update does not install.

            i've got this error code  U44M2P15 (try again later....).

            I uninstalled and reinstalled Flash pro a couple of times, and run the creative suite cleanre....but it still does not update.


            Lorenzo Gianferrari

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              SuhasYogin Adobe Employee

              Hi Lorenzo,


              What locale are you trying to install Flash Pro CS6 (and hence, the Help update) on?


              Also, could you please send us your error log?


              Depending on your platform, it is found at the following locations:


              Win: Program Files\Common files\Adobe\Installers or \Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\ApplicationData\Adobe\AAMUpdater\1.0\

              Mac: /Library/Logs/Adobe/Installers or ~/ Library/ApplicationSupport/Adobe/AAMUpdater/1.0/


              Suhas Yogin

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                lorenzoRe Level 1

                thanks Suhas, sorry for y delay in anwswering.

                Now,after several attempts , is working.

                I uninstalled flashpro cs6, flaspro cs 5.5. and run the suitecleaner again


                Anyway, my locale was set to  "english international".

                there must have been some dowload error, from the log file, such as






                "ThreadInstallProgressHandler : Patcher has been launched, but it has not acquired the lock as yet"


                thanks a lot