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    email xtras and unicode pathname attachments

    angryNerd Level 1
      Is anybody aware if any of the email xtras out there have been updated to include unicode pathnames for file attachments? My version of Email Exec xtra doesn't support unicode, and the ingeniak web site seems to be just a holding page now...

      I've noticed that baOpenURL (buddyAPI) will work very well with "mailto:..." whilst setting the window as "hidden" but as far as I'm aware (maybe?) the mailto HTML command won't add an attachment. I tired the below example with baOpenURL and all is perfect except the attachment (dummy values in example):

      baOpenURL(string(("mailto:myname@myplace.com?subject=email subject&body=message text&attach="&QUOTE&"C:\Users\User\Desktop\file.dir"&QUOTE)) , "hidden" )

      Any xtras out there, or can baOpenURL be pulled and stretched to include an attachment..?