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    Photoshop CS6 and Suitcase Fusion 4


      I am trying to work with my previous Photoshop files I created last night on CS5.5 and Suitcase Fusion 4.  All my loaded and active fonts are not active in Photoshop.  How do i get my fonts to be activated in my adobe applications??

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          Photoshop uses whatever fonts are available to the OS.


          If you are using a third party font manager to try and bypass that, then you need to ask the makers of that font manager program.

          (and update it frequently to pick up the latest bug fixes)

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            jkidwell Level 2

            We at Extensis are currently working on CS6 font auto-activation plug-ins for supported CS6 apps. When they are available, they will be in a free update to Suitcase Fusion 4. Use the Check for Updates feature to get the free update when it is available.


            Jim Kidwell


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              MikeKPhoto Level 2

              Good proactive customer support, and not on your own forum - way to go

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                Sandoer K Berg

                Yes, nice job staying on top of this. I appreciate Extensis posting this info.

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                  I am on a 30 day trail version of Suitcase (just started today) but I did get this to work with Google Web Fonts.  I don't know about other foundaries link the WebINK library since I can only view them in the trial version.  I had to activate the fonts in Suitcase Fusion 4 and then restart PS6.  After that the fonts were available for use in Photoshop.

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                    johnnynashville Level 1

                    I opened Photoshop CS6, and to my utter dismay there were a grand total of 2 fonts available. Helvetica regular and Myriad regular. I looked in my Fonts folder (for the OS) and there were all the ones that should be there. Is the lack of a Suitcase Fus 4 CS6 Plug-in causing my System Fonts to not load in? Needless to say, this will utterly destroy my ability to work. I am about to have a panic attack.

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                      BriGuyAG Level 1

                      I'm using CS6 and Suitcase Fusion 4 like lots of other folks, and there is a huge list of fonts showing up for me in the drop-down menu. If you really have fonts enabled (either via Suitcase or the OS), they should be available. The only thing that doesn't work right now, because a Suitcase update isn't yet available, is auto-activation. You should still be able to manually activate them and make them available.


                      Make sure you (1) manually activate the font and (2) quit and relaunch Photoshop after activating the font (not all programs will notice a font activation on-the-fly).


                      If you've done the above and it's still not working, and you can verify that the fonts are available to other programs, then my guess is you have a problem with your Photoshop install...? (*shrug*)


                      Are you using Mac/Windows (I'm Mac and can't really help much on the Windows side of things)?

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                        johnnynashville Level 1

                        Thanks, BriGuyAG. Magically, everything seems to be working this morning. Not sure why. Didn't do anything different this morning that I didn't do before, but I'm not going to sweat over it. Thanks.